Urban Bridging – Haifa


  • Teamwork with Li-Or Clarke and Ariel Merizada

  • Third Year Project

We chose an urban area where the main traffic arteries interrupt the urban continuum between four neighborhoods: Kibbutz Galuyot, Hadar, Halisa and Ramat Vizhnitz.

Our planning goal focused on three main topics:

  1. The problem of accessibility between the lower city and the rest of Haifa neighborhoods.
  2. Turning the seam line between the neighborhoods into an urban continuity space.
  3. Development of the area and encouragement of the desire to stay and live in place.

We tried to create an area that combines residential, social cultural spaces, a public commercial space and convenient access roads for pedestrians and vehicles from surrounding neighborhoods.

Our method of action was:

Setting A new 0.00 level between the commerce level and the residential level, below the new 0.00 we established commercial and public buildings, and above residential buildings which reaching the level of the bridge.

The bridge has been transformed from a hazard into an active street that allows employment and commerce, accessible to pedestrians as well as to transportation, thus enabling connection between the neighborhoods.